Girl Up club brings donations to UN nonprofit


Nicolly Moreno

The campus’ Girl Up club involves female students in raising funds for the United Nations Organization Girl Up. In its first year, the club promotes female empowerment.

Allie Lynn, Guest Contributor

With 65 million females around the world not involved in school or having access to a formal education, the Girl Up club meets Thursday during advisory, helping raise money to help girls go to school in countries where they are not allowed.

“We basically talk about a cause and introduce a fundraiser that we’re doing to help girls all around the world,” club president sophomore Trisha Malireddy said. “I know we support women in various countries such as Guatemala, India, Nepal, and more.”

Through volunteering and donations, Girl Up is trying to make a difference even if it’s only in a small way.

“Even $1 is going to help and I don’t feel like it’s just raising money,” vice president sophomore Suhani Kunam said. “Like although the main vision of the club is to raise money to educate girls, I feel like providing that environment for everyone to come together and feel the need to help someone else is what we really want to get through.”

The club goes far beyond campus by working with its namesake philanthropic organization that sends the money to where it is needed.

“The money is collected and sent to a non-profit organization, Girl Up, which is part of the United Nations,” sponsor Jennifer Harrison said via email. “They then distribute the donations to students here and abroad. The money is then used for education and healthcare.”

Beyond raising funds to help others, the club also offers an opportunity for members to take a step back and think about other girls who may not be as fortunate as they are.

“I think people get so caught up with what’s going on with themselves, that they don’t have awareness of other things,” Harrison said. “So I think it helps bring awareness that a lot of times teenagers and adults don’t have.”