Coffee, counselors, and Collin College


Melody Tavallaee

With schools and libraries in FISD closes, the Virtual Insanity Book Club is now available via Zoom. Hosting its’ first meeting at noon, the group looks to organize readers, and provide a social outlet for students across the district.

Dea-Mallika Divi, Assignment Editor

Explaining the Collin College application process to parents was the focus of Wednesday’s Coffee with the Counselors session in the library.

“We had our college and career counsellor Ms. Portnoy, who is a Collin College employee come and speak with current senior parents about the Collin College application process,” counselor Staci Stokes said. “I think this time of year that is incredibly helpful for those parents trying to help their students navigate that process, as they look forward to life after high school.”

Parents also got the chance to better understand the opportunities that Collin College has to offer.

“I hope that this helps parents see just an overview of the application process all the steps because I know, college application stuff can be quite complicated at times,” Stokes said. “I also hope that it helps them see all of the great opportunities available at Collin. Collin has a host of certification programs and associate’s degrees and transfer opportunities that I don’t think people know about and so those parents and families that are interested in applying to Collin and it helps give them a really nice picture of everything that there is out there.”