Custodian Appreciation Day draws dozens of students

Kasey Harvey, Editor-in-chief

With music blaring, and snacks and drinks set up in the lecture hall, dozens of students showed  up during Thursday’s advisory period to make thank you cards for the custodians as part of a Student Council event.

“I just always see how hard the janitors work and they do for school that goes unnoticed,” StuCo event committee member, senior Emily Madden said. “I wanted to do something for them to show our appreciation to them and kind of give back.”

2019-2020 StuCo member, junior Anushka Sinha hopes to continue acts of kindness like this next year.

“My friend told me about the event and I decided that it would be a fun way to show appreciation for the janitors and all they do for us,” Sinha said. “I would like to help organize events like this in the future.”

Attending the event senior Sani Ali wishes the custodians got a bit more help from students.

“I hope people would treat them better and not just leave stuff on the floor and pick up after themselves,” Ali said. “Make sure the school’s clean because we are fortunate to have it.”

Leaving the cards and treats outside the custodial closet in the cafeteria at the end of advisory, lead custodian Sally Nunez was thankful for what the students did.

“The cards are very pretty,” Nunez said. “It was really nice that they gathered together and I appreciate them for everything that they did. They are very good kids and I love them a lot. Everything that I do is because I like the school to be clean and for it to be nice looking.”