Checking out Chromebooks would give all students equal access


Melody Akbari

More and more class assignments seem to require the use of a computer, but not every student on campus has one at home. To help bridge this game, guest contributor Sydney Bishop writes that students should be able to check out Chromebooks from the library.

Sydney Bishop, Guest Contributor

Students from many financial backgrounds attend the school but not everyone has access to certain technology at home. With the rapid advancement in classroom technology, many assignments are created and submitted electronically.

However, not everybody at school has the same access to technology. While some students may have tablets and computers at home, other students may not be fortunate. To help with this, students without computers should be able to take home school Chromebooks in order to finish these assignments as homework when needed.

Since there is A and B day, if a class is not double blocked, students only have 2-3 days a week to work in class on online assignments. Students without computers at home should have the ability to work on these outside of school. A solution would be the school offering chromebook rentals.

Chromebook rentals could work similarly to checking out library books. The rental can be listed under the student’s ID and have a due date that the student will be responsible for. Of course, the penalty for noncompliance would be relatively harsher than that of a book due to the value of these laptops.

All students should have an equal shot to complete online assignments to the best ability no matter the financial ability. With the constant modernizations happening right in front of our eyes in each classroom, students should have the chance to keep up, even if that requires the school’s help.