Choir spring concert auditions underway


Kia Dunlop

Choir students prepare for a rehearsal after school. With auditions Tuesday afternoon, All State Choir provides the district's most talented singers a chance to perform in an elite statewide ensemble.

Prachurjya Shreya, Managing Editor

Auditions for the choir spring concert are Thursday from 4:30-6 p.m.

“For our final spring concert, I really have high expectations because not only is it my last concert as a senior, but it is our first spring concert with our new director,” senior Jessica Gordon said. “We’ve done really well this year at UIL and our other performances, and I’m hoping we will do the same for our spring concert. I’m hoping we do our best and sing as well as we did this whole year. We have been preparing ever since our UIL competition and we have been rehearsing choreography. Our theme for our concert is 80’s so it should be really fun.”

Facing her final weeks in the program, Gordon advises underclassmen to take advantage of what choir has to offer.

“The advice I’d give to underclassmen is to do what you love and do your best,” Gordon said. “I know I’ve really appreciated being in choir for all four years and I know my hard work has really paid off.”