Students compete in Special Olympics


Roy Nitzan

The school gave students participating in the Special Olympics a sendoff on Monday during advisory. Students competed on Tuesday in a variety of events.

Melody Tavallaee, Managing Editor

The Special Olympics took place on Tuesday with students hitting the ground running into the competition to participate in various events at Memorial Stadium.

“The students competed in track and field, javelin, and a relay,” SPED teacher Cheryl Madani said. “Their peers get to be involved all the time so this is their way of being involved.”

The students have been preparing for the different events leading up to the competition.

“My coach, coach Womble taught me a lot of stuff,” sophomore Diego Davila said. “My favorite part is running with my friends.”

The competition allows students to create fun memories and provides a rewarding experience.

“It’s fun and the students enjoy it,” Madani said. “They get awarded, they get trophies, they get medals and they just really have a good time.”

Beyond the awards students can win, the Special Olympics are a time to spend outdoors with family.

“It brings families together,” Madani said. “Our athletes are very excited and they enjoy a day out and they enjoy the competition.”