Students choose their learning in AP Lang project


Prachurjya Shreya

Senior Olivia Brucker reads the book, Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury. Students in AP lit are doing a project based on a book of their choosing for the next several weeks.

Yael Even, Staff Reporter

AP Lang projects are getting quite the read as they have the option to choose a book from the Frisco ISD reading list and show their understanding through a number of choices.

“It’s a really open ended project, they have six different options,” English teacher Chad Doty said. “All of them will require them to read a novel and apply their AP Lang skills from what they learned throughout the year.”

Particularly excited to read her book of choice, junior Megan Widenback has a different intention for a book she already knows.

“I’m looking forward to really diving deep into my book,” junior Megan Widenback said. “I chose the Bible and normally I only read it for religious purposes but now I’m analyzing it as a work of literature instead of a religious text, which I think will benefit me as well and help me get a different perspective on the text.”

For Tristan Maravilla, reading isn’t exactly his cup of tea, however the project pushed him out of his comfort zone.

“I was honestly looking forward for the motivation to read my book,” Maravila said. “I don’t read much, so the project kind of forced me to read a book that I liked.”

Maravilla is switching things up and stepping into in someone else’s shoes for his project.

“I chose Murder on the Orient Express book by Agatha Christie, which I really enjoyed,” Maravilla said. “I am planning on doing my project on what I would do if I were the main character in the story. I don’t think the project will benefit me too much aside from helping me get better at analyzing literature.”