Be comfortable with yourself


Melody Tavallaee

In today’s digital age, it can be difficult to love oneself. However, Wingspan’s Sydney Glover expresses her thoughts on the importance of self love in this column.

Sydney Glover, Guest Contributor

One of the hardest questions I’ve had to answer was, “what is your favorite thing about your appearance?”. Yes, it seems like such a simple question, however, when first asked this question in a small group setting, silence was the only answer.

Everyone looked around the circle waiting for someone to have an answer to the most impossible question at the time. Sadly, we all started out with “uhhhhh”, or had to be skipped to come up with something.

Things were different when we were asked what we didn’t like about ourselves. I remember people pouring out multiple answers, listing off insecurity after insecurity. It’s easy to look in the mirror and only see the bad, buts it’s important to know that you deserve your love.

Before you post on Instagram, think about the steps many before go through before releasing the picture online. Maybe a filter and a cute caption, or maybe you use Facetune. Facetune was Apple‘s most popular paid app of 2017 selling more than 10 million copies of just the first version.

That’s more than 10 million people changing the way they look to feel better about themselves. The app is promoted by many celebrities and role models, leading many to think that it won’t take a toll on their confidence. This can be a touchy subject as most people think there’s nothing wrong with changing your body in photos, but it’s not right to love an edited picture of yourself more than the real you.

When looking at models today it’s crucial to comprehend that they aren’t perfect. Comparing the way you look to others never has a good outcome. Everyone is different and it’s wrong to put two people against one another, even if one of them is you.

Don’t be afraid to feel good about the way you look.

Protect yourself as often others impact the way we feel about yourself. Cut out people or activities that deplete you of your happiness. Set boundaries if necessary as you don’t need to have someone else’s approval to love yourself.

Be forgiving.

It’s okay to not work out often, to eat food that you like, or to make mistakes. Accept that your human and live the life you want to.

Make goals that you think would be fun try to reach. You will appreciate yourself more once you complete them.

Devote time in your day to be selfish and practice self-care. You’re capable of amazing things and being worthy of your own love and compassion is one of them.