Back in time, choir set for spring show


Kasey Harvey

Choir prepares to take the stage for the last time this school year at 7 p.m. in the auditorium.

Prachurjya Shreya, Managing Editor

From Queen to Berlin, the sounds of the 80’s will fill the auditorium one last time this school year, as choir performs their spring concert Tuesday evening starting at 7 p.m.

“We have done lots of preparing by practicing choreography and our different songs,” senior Jessica Gordon said. “Everyone has put in a lot of effort.”

Gordon has high expectations for the concert as it is her last one.

“I’m really hoping that it all goes well and that we go out with a bang, especially since it is my last choir concert,” Gordon said. “I also hope the audience is impressed because this is our first time doing a themed spring concert with choreography.”

Using an 80’s theme, choir will be singing songs from the era that is a favorite of director Toni Ugolini.

“We’ve been learning all of our new music, watching some videos of what the 80’s were like, choreography, and just practicing a lot,” Ugolini said. “The 80’s are my all time favorite so this was more of a passion project of my own so I’m all about it.”