Police interaction course takes place in classrooms


Jake Harvey

Freshmen are learning how to handle police interactions. This course is being taught because of the passing of SB30.

Lucas Barr, Editor-in-chief

Freshman geography classes spent the last few days completing a state-mandated police interaction course established by SB 30 with instruction including a video, quiz, and a question and answer session with campus Frisco Police Office School Resource Officer Glen Hubbard.

“It’s generally an information deal for new drivers, that hasn’t been presented before because a lot of people don’t know how to act during a traffic stop,” Hubbard said. “Because [freshmen have] never been involved in one, this should help most people out and make it a less stressful situation.”

While instruction began with curriculum regulated by the state, students got an additional chance to understand a police officer’s perspective as Hubbard went class to class answering questions.

“Officer Hubbard clarified some stuff that was inserted in the video, or he gave his own personal experience into it,” freshman Julianne Chi said. “I think the police interaction training is important because it makes sure that I won’t do anything wrong. It’s good knowledge to have, because we’re about to start driving soon, so some of us might get pulled over for some reason. It’s important to have like a good etiquette and manners towards the police.”

Freshman Julia Johnson saw the instruction as playing an important with many freshman set to begin driving.

“I learned just to be more aware of what the police could interpret of my actions,” Johnson said. “Well, especially because we’re just about to start driving or some of us will just started Drivers-ed, it just makes us more aware. It just gives more insight as to like, what they might be seeing and how they might interpret things.”