Students honored for academic success

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Students honored for academic success

Seniors take the stage Monday morning to accept senior awards in the last two weeks of school. Recognizing students for purely academic success, the class of 2019 were placed in the spotlight for their work over the last four years.

Seniors take the stage Monday morning to accept senior awards in the last two weeks of school. Recognizing students for purely academic success, the class of 2019 were placed in the spotlight for their work over the last four years.

provided by Prachurjya Shreya

Seniors take the stage Monday morning to accept senior awards in the last two weeks of school. Recognizing students for purely academic success, the class of 2019 were placed in the spotlight for their work over the last four years.

provided by Prachurjya Shreya

provided by Prachurjya Shreya

Seniors take the stage Monday morning to accept senior awards in the last two weeks of school. Recognizing students for purely academic success, the class of 2019 were placed in the spotlight for their work over the last four years.

Melody Tavallaee, Managing Editor

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Seniors receive the award they’ve worked on for four years when they graduate on May 31, but some soon to be graduates were recognized for their academic achievements Tuesday in the senior class assembly.

“Getting an award was nice because it really allowed you to look back in hindsight and see all that you’ve accomplished,” senior Nick Hung said. “I don’t mind it being just seniors because everybody will get their chance when time comes.”

Junior, sophomore, and freshman class academic awards have also been announced. Below is a list of underclassmen recognized for their scholarly success.


Student Grade Honor

Kathan Gandhi 11 AP Scholar w/distinction

Kate Liang 11 AP Scholar w/distinction

Pramati Madugula 11 AP Scholar w/distinction

Bojun Sun 11 AP Scholar w/distinction

Mini Choi 11 AP Scholar w/honor

Arsh Guntakal 11 AP Scholar w/honor

Jamal Jabbar 11 AP Scholar w/honor

Sriya Kasumarthi 11 AP Scholar w/honor

Micaela Landauro 11 AP Scholar w/honor

Jonathan Peng 11 AP Scholar w/honor

Kapil Rampalli 11 AP Scholar w/honor

Vivan Shah 11 AP Scholar w/honor

Nandasri Talluri 11 AP Scholar w/honor

Samhita Arikati 11 AP Scholar

Kareem Ayub 11 AP Scholar

Lucas Barr 11 AP Scholar

Geethika Bonthala 11 AP Scholar

Jasmine Culilap 11 AP Scholar

Isabella Devega 11 AP Scholar

Jahson Ferguson 11 AP Scholar

Rigre Garciandia Larq 11 AP Scholar

Justin Garrigus 11 AP Scholar

Adriana George 11 AP Scholar

Kruthi Kanduri 11 AP Scholar

Anya Khosla 11 AP Scholar

Shin Lee 11 AP Scholar

Emma Marom 11 AP Scholar

Daniel Nagles 11 AP Scholar

Shelby Pybus 11 AP Scholar

Hitha Rajesh 11 AP Scholar

Jessie Rho 11 AP Scholar

Pradyun Sangineni 11 AP Scholar

Mishal Sayyid 11 AP Scholar

Andrew Sen 11 AP Scholar

Sona Shah 11 AP Scholar

Vijay Ajay Singh 11 AP Scholar

Ayda Sow 11 AP Scholar

Bhaarathi Venkata 11 AP Scholar

April Xu 11 AP Scholar

Christian Ahn 11 Academic All Star

Caroline Attmore 11 Academic All Star

Lucas Barr 11 Academic All Star

Brooke Bledsoe 11 Academic All Star

Shivani Desai 11 Academic All Star

Mauricio Fernandez 11 Academic All Star

Alexander Garza 11 Academic All Star

Lauren Head 11 Academic All Star

Keshav Narasimhan 11 Academic All Star

Lauren Ransom 11 Academic All Star

Jessie Rho 11 Academic All Star

Sona Shah 11 Academic All Star

Paige Swallow 11 Academic All Star

Nandasri Talluri 11 Academic All Star

Megan Ward 11 Academic All Star

Taylor Wenzel 11 Academic All Star

Emme Westman 11 Academic All Star

Christian Ahn 11 UIL Scholar

Samhitha Arikati 11 UIL Scholar

Caroline Attmore 11 UIL Scholar

Saud Baig 11 UIL Scholar

Vaibhavi Bamane 11 UIL Scholar

Lucas Barr 11 UIL Scholar

Geethika Bonthala 11 UIL Scholar

Reed Carlisle 11 UIL Scholar

Jasmine Culilap 11 UIL Scholar

Kunal Dhawan 11 UIL Scholar

Kathan Gandhi 11 UIL Scholar

Alexander Garza 11 UIL Scholar

Adriana George 11 UIL Scholar

Arsh Guntakal 11 UIL Scholar

Micaela Landauro 11 UIL Scholar

Christine Lee 11 UIL Scholar

Shin Lee 11 UIL Scholar

Jacob Lin 11 UIL Scholar

Samuel Mills 11 UIL Scholar

Daniel Nagels 11 UIL Scholar

Keshav Narasimhan 11 UIL Scholar

Hannah Nguyen 11 UIL Scholar

Joseph Oh 11 UIL Scholar

Isha Parmar 11 UIL Scholar

Jonathan Peng 11 UIL Scholar

Hitha Rajesh 11 UIL Scholar

Sarvesh Ram 11 UIL Scholar

Kapil Rampalli 11 UIL Scholar

Jessie Rho 11 UIL Scholar

Alessandra Rocha 11 UIL Scholar

Ashleigh Rose 11 UIL Scholar

Pradyun Sangineni 11 UIL Scholar

Andrew Sen 11 UIL Scholar

Sona Shah 11 UIL Scholar

Vivan Shah 11 UIL Scholar

Nansasri Talluri 11 UIL Scholar

Taylor Wenzel 11 UIL Scholar

April Xu 11 UIL Scholar

Judy Zhou 11 UIL Scholar

Dylan Zlatinski 11 UIL Scholar

Olivia Allphin 10 Academic All Star

Kayla Baker 10 Academic All Star

Thomas Blasingame 10 Academic All Star

Kallin Brown 10 Academic All Star

Tyler Brown 10 Academic All Star

Carla Calderon 10 Academic All Star

Nandika Chirala 10 Academic All Star

Emily Chladny 10 Academic All Star

Ka eon Cho 10 Academic All Star

Anna Clerkin 10 Academic All Star

Grace Duong 10 Academic All Star

Valeria Hernandez 10 Academic All Star

Ella Gong 10 Academic All Star

Megan Guidry 10 Academic All Star

Alexa Hanlon 10 Academic All Star

Nathan Hung 10 Academic All Star

Justin Hussey 10 Academic All Star

Nandini Injeti 10 Academic All Star

Keya Jain 10 Academic All Star

Urja Joshi 10 Academic All Star

Ariana Khan 10 Academic All Star

Naomi Kurian 10 Academic All Star

Nicholas Lau 10 Academic All Star

Anastasiya Liaskouskaya 10 Academic All Star

Morgan Lucas 10 Academic All Star

Rishikesh Mandaka 10 Academic All Star

Serrato Martinez 10 Academic All Star

Srujan Mupparapu 10 Academic All Star

Tom Punnen 10 Academic All Star

Paige Ripberger 10 Academic All Star

Warren Shen 10 Academic All Star

Karina Shin 10 Academic All Star

Suaiba Syeda 10 Academic All Star

Annie Tian 10 Academic All Star

Manisha Woodruff 10 Academic All Star

Bonnie Wu 10 Academic All Star

Connie Yang 10 Academic All Star

Laura Younge 10 Academic All Star

Allison Zhang 10 Academic All Star

Sathwika Avula 10 UIL Scholar

Kayla Baker 10 UIL Scholar

Thomas Blasingame 10 UIL Scholar

Kallin brown 10 UIL Scholar

Carla Calderon 10 UIL Scholar

Emily Chladny 10 UIL Scholar

Ka Cho 10 UIL Scholar

Anna Clerkin 10 UIL Scholar

Caleb Garrett 10 UIL Scholar

Ella Gong 10           UIL Scholar

Megan Guidry 10 UIL Scholar

Som Gupta 10 UIL Scholar

Nathan Hung 10 UIL Scholar

Nandini Injeti 10 UIL Scholar

Adarsh Javvaji 10 UIL Scholar

Urja Javvaji 10 UIL Scholar

Nalini Kantheti 10 UIL Scholar

Sara Khaja 10 UIL Scholar

Ariana Khan 10 UIL Scholar

Yeha kim 10 UIL Scholar

Janice Ko 10 UIL Scholar

Suhani Kunam 10 UIL Scholar

Anica Liu 10 UIL Scholar

Gautam Logeishwaran 10 UIL Scholar

Andres Martinez 10 UIL Scholar

Srujan Mupparapu 10 UIL Scholar

Govind Nandagopal 10 UIL Scholar

Gurnoor Narula 10 UIL Scholar

Kevin Nguyen 10 UIL Scholar

Nadine Permana 10 UIL Scholar

Yatin Pokle 10 UIL Scholar

Punnen Tom 10 UIL Scholar

Sufiyan Sabir 10 UIL Scholar

Gabriella Salazar 10 UIL Scholar


Warren Shen 10 UIL Scholar

Karina Shin 10 UIL Scholar

Suaiba Syeda 10 UIL Scholar

Anya Thankur 10 UIL Scholar

Annie Tian 10 UIL Scholar

Catherine Tong 10 UIL Scholar

Jeffrey Wang 10 UIL Scholar

Sabrina Wood 10 UIL Scholar

Manisha Woodruff 10 UIL Scholar

Bonnie Wu 10 UIL Scholar

Connie Yang 10 UIL Scholar

Laura Young 10 UIL Scholar

Allison Zhang 10 UIL Scholar

Wania Abbas 9 Academic All Star

Saara Ahmad 9 Academic All Star

Ayaan Akram 9 Academic All Star

Saisreevathsan Anbuchezhiyan 9 Academic All Star

Saujash Barman 9 Academic All Star

Sydney Bishop 9 Academic All Star

Jimmy Cheung 9 Academic All Star

Michael Coppinger 9 Academic All Star

Sanjana Dandu 9 Academic All Star

Rishika Desai 9 Academic All Star

Abir Faisal 9 Academic All Star

Zoya Farooqui 9 Academic All Star

Marco Figueroa 9 Academic All Star

Kush Gandhi 9 Academic All Star

Harshini Gogineni 9 Academic All Star

Biyanka Hati 9 Academic All Star

Lalana Karri 9 Academic All Star

Joonghyun Kim 9 Academic All Star

Seoyoung Kong 9 Academic All Star

Kailey Korth 9 Academic All Star

Sindu Kristipati 9 Academic All Star

Devyani Lenin 9 Academic All Star

Neha Leo 9 Academic All Star

William Li 9 Academic All Star

Yuvraj Maheshwary 9 Academic All Star

Zoe Mallari 9 Academic All Star

Joshua Mark 9 Academic All Star

Anisya Nair 9 Academic All Star

Ayush Narayan 9 Academic All Star

Gauri Pala 9 Academic All Star

Annika Roberts 9 Academic All Star

Nicolas Rocha 9 Academic All Star

Karen Ryu 9 Academic All Star

Sarp Sahin 9 Academic All Star

Fuad Salameh 9 Academic All Star

Aryan Samal 9 Academic All Star

Emily Santoso 9 Academic All Star

Annie Teng 9 Academic All Star

Risha Thimmancherla 9 Academic All Star

Kelly Yin 9 Academic All Star

Charlie Zhang 9 Academic All Star

Praneeth Akkineni 9 UIL Scholar

Krista Caparas 9 UIL Scholar

Michael Coppinger 9 UIL Scholar

Sanjana Dandu 9 UIL Scholar

Trisha Dasgupta 9 UIL Scholar

Rishika Desai 9 UIL Scholar

Aravind Dharmalingam 9 UIL Scholar

Dhruv Dilbaghi 9 UIL Scholar

Advaith Dinesh 9 UIL Scholar

Ajay Esukapalli 9 UIL Scholar

Abir Faisal 9 UIL Scholar

Zoya Farooqui 9 UIL Scholar

Marco Figueroa 9 UIL Scholar

Kush Gandhi 9 UIL Scholar

Biyanka Hati 9 UIL Scholar

Yaena Hong 9 UIL Scholar

Savar Jain 9 UIL Scholar

Shray Jain 9 UIL Scholar

Vanessa Jara 9 UIL Scholar

Julia Johnson 9 UIL Scholar

Lalana Karii 9 UIL Scholar

Joonghyun Kim 9 UIL Scholar

Seoyoung Kong 9 UIL Scholar

Neha Leo 9 UIL Scholar

William Li 9 UIL Scholar

Sophie Lin 9 UIL Scholar

Yuvraj Maheshwary 9 UIL Scholar

Zoe Mallari 9 UIL Scholar

Joshua Mark 9 UIL Scholar

Matthew Marshall 9 UIL Scholar

Kelly Masucci 9 UIL Scholar

Yeshas Nath 9 UIL Scholar

Tracy Nguyen 9 UIL Scholar

Gauri Pala 9 UIL Scholar

Sumedh Potla 9 UIL Scholar

Rahul Rajendran 9 UIL Scholar

Sydney Rosser 9 UIL Scholar

Karen Kyu 9 UIL Scholar

Sarp Sahin 9 UIL Scholar

Aryan Samal 9 UIL Scholar

Madhuran Selvaa 9 UIL Scholar

Aareji Syed 9 UIL Scholar

Annie Teng 9 UIL Scholar

Vagmin Viswanathan 9 UIL Scholar

Kamen Wong 9 UIL Scholar

Kelly Yin 9 UIL Scholar

Charlie Zhang 9 UIL Scholar

Ryan Zhang 9 UIL Scholar

Daniel Zlatinski 9 UIL Scholar