Senior pictures get professional touch


Wade Glover

In the past senior pictures have been taken on campus during summer break, however this year, seniors were asked to schedule appointments with Southern Images Photography to have their pictures taken in a professional setting. In order to secure their picture in the year book, seniors must have this done by Sept. 30.

Kanz Bitar, Staff Reporter

Every year freshmen, sophomores, and juniors get their yearbook photos taken at school, but for seniors to get in the yearbook, they are required to go to Southern Image Photography by Sept. 30. 

It’s a different process than the typical yearbook pictures taken on campus.  

“We got to experience getting our pictures taken in an actual photo studio,” senior Shriya Bellur said. “We also got to choose which photo we wanted for the yearbook rather than having two pictures taken and the photographers themselves choosing a photo.”

With the students having more control on when their pictures will be taken, they were able to have more time to prepare.

“I think making an appointment is convenient,” Bellur said. “That way you have a set date so you have time to plan out how you want to do your hair, makeup, and/or outfit.”

Senior Hanna Turner felt that it was better because she didn’t have to wait all day at school before getting her picture taken.

“I like that you make an appointment cause then you know you will have time to get ready for the picture and you don’t have to go all day and then take it the last period of the day,” Turner said.

By being able to make appointments, even students who were busy during the summer were able to schedule a time to take their picture.

“To me, the time range for seniors to take their photos covered a reasonable amount of time,” senior Ayda Sow said. “It was flexible even for students traveling, interning, or in Liberty’s fine arts and sports activities.”

However, senior Mishal Sayyid had a different perspective on yearbook pictures. 

“What really matters after we graduate are the memories and friends we’ve made, what we’ve learned, and what we’ve planned to do with our lives,” Sayyid. “In the end, our senior picture is just a picture and we shouldn’t spend more time worrying about it than the bare minimum.”