School website gets a new look


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All FISD campus websites were redesigned to follow in the footsteps of the District website redesign in 2015. For some, this brings a personal touch the school website.

Kyle Strickland, WTV Executive Producer

The start of 2019-2020 school year brings a new look for the school’s website. Similar to Frisco ISD’s home page website remodel from 2015, all schools in the district have received a new website design after eight schools tried out the new look in the 2018-19 school year. 

“I think the new design is much more personal and welcoming,” senior Melanie Ford said via text. “It gives the school more of a community feel and is very user friendly.”

According to the Frisco ISD newsletter, the website remodel was done to allow consistency between devices as well as provide a more personalized experience for each campus.

However, history teacher Jay Sommers doesn’t see the overall benefit of a new website.

“I like the old one better,” Sommers said. “It requires more scrolling and I question if all the graphics will work well on a phone whereas the old one was fine. Like the old one, it’s still a part of the district template so it’s really not unique it’s just a new design for all the schools across the district.”

The new home page consists of multiple full screen sections that can be accessed by icons on the left or bottom of the page or by scrolling.

There’s now an extended monthly calendar that can be accessed by the calendar button in the events section.

Staff Directory, Athletics, Clubs and Fine Arts, Counselors Corner, and Resources can be found at the top of the page through a pull down menu.

In addition, student absences can be submitted by a form built into the site.