Convenient giving sold as charity

Staff Reporter Reilly Martens wants students to recognize the importance of giving year-round.

Staff Reporter Reilly Martens wants students to recognize the importance of giving year-round.

Reilly Martens, Staff Reporter

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The holidays often inspire a sense of charity into the hearts of many, but for some this seems to be the only time of year which they feel generous. While giving back during the holiday season is a wonderful and necessary thing to do, the practice seems to have an expiration date for most come the new year. But why?

Let’s face it. Oftentimes, there is an uncomfortable feeling that comes with giving away money. You earned your paycheck/received a gift of cash, and you have a mile long laundry list of other expenses to worry about this time of year.. Family vacations, purchasing gifts, and outings with friends, etc. It adds up to be the most expensive holiday of the year, and retail sales in this season go up $500 billion.  Why should giving have to be enforced during the time of year where money is the most tight?

The holidays are interesting in that they cause such a sense a charity within people who wouldn’t normally take the time or energy to give back. There’s a sense of jolly and cheer for all which is one of the reasons we love the holidays. But why is this spirit only alive during the holidays? Why is it that people feel more comfortable giving around say, Christmas time than in July?

Many nonprofit organizations receive a quarter of their contributions between October and December, some receiving over half of their total annual contributions during the season. This is comparatively high to the other nine months span. There are missed opportunities when we ignore the prospect of giving for the entirety of the year.

This holiday season, let’s think of those who are in need. But this time, let’s make the executive decision to think of them year round. Sign up to give to organizations where you donate an amount every month or a program where you can sponsor a child’s education in another country. If you enjoy personal experiences, then going to a local shelter may be more suitable. It is a rewarding experience for all parties, and it increases a sense of community.