Students being warned not to park in staff lots 


Kasey Harvey

In between the parking lot looking out to the football field, Outdoor Ed students have learned the art of archery, a sport that is often overlooked in a typical P.E. class. However, an adjustment in learning environments leaves virtual students having to find their own substitutes for a bow and arrow.

Kasey Harvey and Lucas Barr

Students parking in the lots north of the school were met with bright orange stickers on Wednesday morning, warning students to park in the student parking lots or risk getting a boot on their car.

“What’s going to happen is that they will get the warning sticker,” assistant principal Jason Harris said. “After that they will get the wheel lock put around their vehicle and they have to pay the fine to get it removed.”

In previous years, students parking in these lots were shown leniency as there were larger class sizes and limited space. However with only 1,989 students on campus and only 292 registered for parking passes, the student parking lot is far from full.

“Some of our teachers out there by the gym, our coaches and some teachers, they have to leave campus to go to the middle school because they have to coach down there or give instruction down there,” Harris said. “When they get back, a lot of the times there is not anywhere to park. We need those parking places for those teachers especially in that area of the parking lot. With so many parking spaces being open, there is no reason why students can not park in the student parking lot.”

Going off campus only to return with no open parking, volleyball coach Ui Womble likes the newly enforced rule.

“For me, it’s nice because if I have to go to a meeting off campus, I always know I have a parking spot and it doesn’t frustrate me,” volleyball coach Womble said. “There was never a spot and that’s why I don’t mind that no one can park there.”

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Students parking in any of the areas marked with an X may find orange stickers on their windows that act as a warning to not park in this area. If a students parks in one of these areas a second time they will receive a boot clamp on one of their tires. Student parking is the lots east of the auditorium and gym. However, the lot closest to Rolater only has a few available spots as the bulk of the parking lot is now the official practice area for the marching band with a fence blocked access to cars.