Clean sweep for cross country teams 


used by permission from Ben Manning

Redhawks athletes juniors Andrew Jauregui and Chance Moore were the only two from the boys cross country team to qualify for the UIL state meet. Three years ago, similar circumstances occurred as both athletes were were the only two Freshman to advance at the time.

Catie Reeves, Sports Editor

One was a familiar number for the cross country team on Friday as the boys’ and girls’ teams both finished first at the Fossil Run of the Panther at Keller Sports Complex.

For the boys, three athletes finished in the top ten with senior Zach Moore placing third with a time of 16:58:58, junior Sumukh Sakish placed sixth with a time of 17:08:01 and senior Jahson Ferguson finished ninth in a 17:16:12 run.

“It felt amazing to place highly and help out the team score well,” senior Zach Moore said. “Before this meet, we felt like we had to do well for not just Coach Manning but his daughter as well, she went through heart surgery during our meet.”

The girls’ team had equal success as senior Amelia Juaregui led the way for the varsity girls’ 5A race ending in second with a time of 20:19:77. Freshman Grace Deshetler placed right behind with a time of 20:37:07 and sophomore Jada Williams finished seventh with a time of 21:06:91.

“I am really proud of myself for placing so high and i really hope to continue doing so,” Deshetler said. “The team was so excited and happy that all of our hard work finally paid off. I’m really hoping we can continue to do well.”