ID badges set to make renovated return


Aaron Boehmer

Arriving either Friday or during the week of Sept. 16, student ID badges will return to campus. While there are new features and functions, students are still required to wear their IDs at all times.

Lucas Barr, Editor-in-chief

Student ID badges, featuring a new look and functions, are expected to arrive on campus either Friday or sometime the week of Sept. 16.,  with students required to wear their IDs at all times will remain the same.

“What we’re going to do to help with that is that once the IDs are distributed to the students, each morning for a week or two, there will be administrators posted at each entrance of the school just to remind you guys get your IDs on to get in that routine,” assistant principal Jason Harris said. “What happened last year was throughout the day, students would take their IDs off during class time. They would either you know forget to put it back on, or they just didn’t care and didn’t put back on during transition time. This year we’re going to do is towards the end of each class period, we will get on the PA system and just make an announcement.”

Not only will the IDs be used to enhance school security, but they will also be used to buy food.

“Cafeteria workers going to use the scanner just for you to hold it up there, so they can scan your ID card without you having to punch it in number,” Harris said. “That’s gonna allow you guys to get to the lunch line a lot quicker also, because I know some of those lines back up, and it takes a lot of time to get some of that good food they have in the cafeteria.”

Senior Bella Devega sees potential for faster lunch lines with the new ID policy, but has some concerns.

“Anything to speed up the lunch line is great so we can get the most out of our half hour,” Devega said. “I’m only worried that if someone forgets their ID badge they won’t be able to get lunch or it could hold up the line a lot. Hopefully we could still type in our ID if that happens.”

ID cards will also be color-coded, making it easier for administrators to tell if students take a class at the CTE Center or Collin College.

“Teachers that monitor the exit areas during advisory and throughout the day will see that the student has their ID card on it has the color that matches for Kate matches, for Collin,” Harris said. “They will they won’t even say anything normally, just ‘have a good day’ that’s about it, but they won’t stop them or anything like that to ask for their schedule like they have in the past.”