One stop college shopping


Suzanne Ramirez

College fair was Wednesday, September 11th at Memorial High School. Students and parents broadened their knowledge on colleges and universities as they got to meet with many representatives.

Yael Even, Managing Editor

Students had the chance to gain more knowledge on colleges and universities from across the country at Wednesday’s Frisco ISD Fall College Fair at Memorial High School.

“Going to the college fair I gained some new perspectives on the universities that were offered to me,” senior Suzanne Ramirez said. “I enjoyed that there was such a big variety of colleges at Memorial.”

In addition to learning about more colleges, senior Krislin Payne came to know the importance of deadlines.

“The new perspective I gained is that college is something that can’t be taken lightly,” Payne said. “There’s no exceptions for late entries. I liked how informative all the colleges were and I gained new insight on scholarship entries. I’m excited for the new opportunities I will gain”