Audrey Hepburn makes her debut on campus


Kasey Harvey

Inspired by the movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s, juniors Emma Varela and Nayel Nasifa decided to paint Audrey Hepburn on the school’s open canvas. After two weeks of being up for show, the canvas will be given to the next painters in line.

Kasey Harvey, Editor-in-chief

Over the last year, one canvas has been the home to dozens of paintings. Currently AP drawing students junior Emma Varela and junior Nayel Nasifa have been working on a portrait from one of their favorite movies.

“We decided to do Audrey Hepburn because we both love the movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s so we did her smoking flowers,” Varela said.

Along with the work of art, students are required to leave some part behind from the previous piece.

“One of the iconic scenes is where she’s smoking her cigarette and I just love nature and painting flowers,” Nasifa said. “I really wanted to incorporate that as well and like create juxtaposition. We’re going to add some greens in too so that’s going to reflect the bubble painting before.”

However, after just two weeks on display, the canvas will be painted over by the next aspiring artists.

“There’s probably like 100 layers of that because everybody paints over it,” Varela said. “I painted over the bubbles that were there. And someone’s going to paint over mine later. I was even upset to paint over the bubbles because I really liked that painting so doing that kind of tore my heart. I know mine is going to be painted over so I’m going to be kind of sad but I know I was a part of something bigger.”

For art teacher Pernie Fallon, this is a representation of who artists are as a person.

“Artists are kind of creators and destroyers,” Fallon said. “One you do it [paint over it], it really frees up your creative process and you make a quantum leap in whatever you were doing before that, so that’s part of it. It’s just part of the fun free thing to do.”