AP and PreAP window to drop opens


Caroline Attmore

Forms are available in the counseling office for students to drop an AP class. This will be the only opportunity for students to drop throughout the year.

Maddie Aronson , Managing

The window to drop AP and PreAP classes opened Friday and closes on Thursday, giving students a five day window to turn in their schedule change request to the counselor’s office.  

Students that are struggling in classes, or are looking for a lighter workload can utilize this option, by completing all the necessary steps, including teacher, and parent signatures, before Thursday’s deadline at 4:30 p.m. 

For senior Suzanna Ramierez, being able to change her schedule six weeks into the school year is something she appreciates. 

“I’m dropping out of my class because I have already enough AP classes and college applications to worry about in my senior year,” Ramierez said. ”Being able to drop out of class is a really nice option for students because they’re able to control the amount of workload they have and how much school work they can handle.”