Frozen II

Walt Disney Animation Studios

Amelia Jáuregui, Staff Reporter

The final trailer for Frozen Two was released just a few hours ago on the official instagram of Disney. This video has over half a million views on instagram after just five hours, and is number two on trending on the Walt Disney Animation Studio official YouTube account.

These numbers will only increase as the day goes on, as the main audience for this movie are kids that are still in their everyday school routines. The trailer will be a nice treat to see for children when they arrive home from school. 

Frozen fans are excited to see the silly snowman, Olaf, and radiant reindeer, Sven, and of course the dynamic duo of Anna and Elsa. Nov. 22 couldn’t come any sooner.

With new catchy songs and an intriguing storyline, Frozen Two seems to be yet another Disney success.