Featured Athlete: Ellie Cline

Grade: 12 | Sport: Drill Team


Senior Ellie Cline, captain of Red Rhythm, dances during a performance. After being a ballerina for several years, Cline decided to join drill team as a way for her to get more involved in the school while pursuing her passion for dance.

Wingspan: How did you get started with dance?

Cline: “I’ve been dancing since I was really little. I danced off and on as a really young kid. Then I really started to get serious with it, and joined up professional ballet company when I started middle school.”

Wingspan: What made you want to become more serious with dance?

Cline: “I had done the Nutcracker with a studio and then I went ahead and joined that studio because I loved the experience so much.”

Wingspan: What made you decide to join Red Rhythm

Cline: “In eighth grade, I made the decision to try out for drill team because I didn’t think that ballet was really where I was meant to be anymore. I wanted to get more involved in school as well. I tried out for drill team to continue to do what I love, but also show some school spirit.” 

Wingspan: What made you want to be an officer?

Cline: “My sophomore year, I tried to be an officer because I always looked up to the officers and I knew that one day I wanted to hopefully lead just like they did.”

Wingspan: If you had never joined Red Rhythm what kind of school activities would you be involved in?

Cline: “If I hadn’t joined drill team, I always wonder if I’d still be doing ballet. I think I might have gotten into theater or I might have started a YouTube channel.”

Wingspan: Describe some of the responsibilities you have as captain.

Cline: “I am largely in charge of leading daily practices. I work on delegating things to my other officers, stretching the team, getting them cleaned, making schedules and packing lists for the week, and working closely with the directors to help with anything that they may need to communicate to the team.”

Wingspan: How do you manage your time while being on RR?

Cline: “I’m a big schedule and planner person. I always write down all my school assignments and then I write down all of my practices, so that I can make sure that none of them overlap. I also make sure I am prepared for practices and school.”

Wingspan: What advice would you give to people that wish to try out for RR? Then, if they make the team what advice would you give to them as rookies?

Cline: “When you go into tryouts, just be confident. If you end up making the team, continue to carry on that confidence.”

Wingspan: Describe what it’s like to represent your school through dance.

Cline: “It’s really amazing, especially as an officer. We have the ability to continue to do what we love, which is dance, but also wear the red, silver and black in the sequence and sparkles. And it’s just so great to put in all the work and then support our football team and support our basketball team.”

Wingspan: What is the most rewarding thing about being on RR?

Cline: “The most rewarding thing is days like game days. It’s so rewarding when we go out on the floor and we go out on the field and we feel confident as a sisterhood and confident in all of our hard work.”

Wingspan: What mark do you want to leave in RR?

Cline: “I’d love to leave a legacy of inclusion and positivity. I would also like to leave a legacy of going into every practice giving 100 percent and instilling the idea of sisterhood in all of the girls from freshman to senior.”