Student Council puts Pink Out shirts on sale


Roy Nitzan

This year, there is a shift in pep rally timing. Rather than taking place during fourth period, pep rallies will now take place during advisory

Kanz Bitar, Staff Reporter

Red and black are the official school colors, but every fall, a sprinkle of pink is added as Student Council sells shirts to help raise funds, and raise awareness for National Breast Cancer Awareness month with this year’s shirt now available to be purchased as of October 6th.

“This is only my second year in STUCO so this is something that has been established in the past,” Student Council sponsor Kandy Stevens said. “I do know that district wide, each campus always does Pink out. When it was first started, they would choose a game where they would try to get both high schools to do the Pink Out so there would be more awareness and I think that’s really why they started it. They picked a philanthropy to raise money for and create awareness for, and I know that here on campus we’ve been touched by the people who have had breast cancer and it just brings it that much closer to home.”

Buying Pink Out shirts in the past, Student Council member, senior Claire Oh, is glad the school does this every year.

“I think it’s a great cause,” Oh said. “I’m so glad our school does this and helps bring awareness about breast cancer and helps those who are struggling with it or know of someone who is I know the money is going towards NBCF, National Breast Cancer Foundation.”

Student Council member, junior Carter Bianchin feels that raising awareness for breast cancer is important.

“I believe that STUCO thinks this is a good cause, because it’s supporting awareness for breast cancer and women’s health care,” Bianchin said. “And we do this every year just to show awareness cause a lot of people do die from breast cancer.”