Dress code undergoes alterations


Maddie Aronson

With the new school year, some changes to the dress code policy have been made.

Ananda Ghoshal , Staff Reporter

Dress code violations no longer mean having to wear school provided sweatpants and shirts as the front office now has a Dress for Success Closet that features jeans and Redhawks spiritwear. 

The basis of the additional clothing is to make sure students are dressed appropriately and ready to learn, as well as giving them a very strong sense of self.

“We follow the district guidelines on dress code to make sure the students are dressed appropriately and ready to learn, however there are certain things we are flexible with,” associate principal Stacy Whaling said. “We want the students to have a very strong sense of self and the additional clothing of the Dress for Success Closet will make sure that while students have a form of self expression that they still adhere to the clothing guidelines.”

Presented with choices other than sweats, students that receive a dress code violation are glad to have other options.

“I was glad they offered jeans,” junior Sydney Andros said. “Especially because the color of my shirt was the same as the color of the sweatpants,”