Jenna Wenaas

Liberty outside hitter

Maddie Aronson, Managing Editor

Wingspan: How do you feel about the season so far ?

Wenaas: I’m feeling pretty good, were undefeated and I think were playing really well 

Wingspan: What are your thoughts on the upcoming game Friday ? 

Wenaas: I think it’s going to be a really good game because lebanon trail is a good team, with a   lot of good hitters and a lot of good blockers, so I think it’ll be a good challenge

Wingspan: What will this game mean for the rest of your season? 

Wenaas: I will set the tone for the second round of districts and play offs, and I think it will just give us confidence if we come out with a win.

Wingspan: How has the first round if district built up to this game? 

Wenaas: Were both undefeated so it will kind of just say who the real top team in district is. 

Wingspan: What preparation has gone into this big game? 

Wenaas: We’ve been working really hard and focusing on practice, on how to accommodate for their big hitters, and big blockers, and I think we’re all just super excited to play this super tough game. 

Wingspan: What have you done to prepare ? 

Wenaas: Personally I’m just getting excited, and getting my team excited and ready to go, and confident in order to be ready and play to our full potential 

Wingspan: What effect has the hype for this game had on your team ? 

Wenaas: The hype for this game has gotten us all excited, and I think that everyone is really excited for a very competitive game, I think that people want that really want to see this intense game, after a bunch of less competitive games, and I think everyone knows what it means to win this.