Heading outside, geography students are geocaching

Kasey Harvey, Editor-in-Chief

Conducting a unit of GPS and GIS systems, AP Human Geography students spent Monday and Tuesday outside around the school geocaching.

“They just got through learning about all the different vocabulary and read about GPS units and GIS units,” AP Human Geography teacher Gary Mumford said. “We’ve actually just taking it and applying it to real world stuff,”

Helping students get real world applications for concepts outside of a textbook, students used a GPS device.

“We get learn about absolute location and longitude and latitude,” freshman Ashwin Javvaji said. “We actually get the feel of going around in the field and learning about it.”

However, for freshman Shannon Hogan, the lesson is a new take on something she’s already familiar with.

“We can learn how to track and coordinate things,” freshman Shannon Hogan said. “We’ve been mainly learning about GPS systems. [It doesn’t help me understand better] because when we are driving we use GPS’s all the time anyway.”