District win streak hits 10 as Redhawks beat Wolverines


Emily Vetvick

Junior DD Bova Ford and her teammates have been battling all season to keep their perfect record in place. The team took a monumental step this season, by beating Wakeland at their home court for the first time in 6 years.

Maddie Aronson, Managing Editor

In an intense five set match Tuesday evening, the Redhawks volleyball team came out on top 3-2, breaking a six year streak of losing at Wakeland, and remaining unbeaten in District 9-5A (10-0).  

“I was pleased with the outcome, I thought that Wakeland did a good job of finding some of our weaknesses and capitalizing on it,” head coach Ui Womble said. “Ultimately our team really came together in the end fourth set to make up a game point deficit of three points and finish out the ball game, and then ultimately take the whole game.”

While the end result was what the team was looking for, junior Franny Trezza believes the energy increased throughout the game, and ultimately lead to their victory. 

“I think that the beginning was really slow, and the energy on the court was low, and I think we kind of just thought that we could win it because we already did it before, and then once we lost the first set we all knew we had to get it together,” Trezza said. “When we changed sides to where the students election was, and I think that really helped us bounce back and give us the energy we needed to finish out the game.”