Orchestra takes the stage for fall concert


Michael Martin

Orchestra prepares for their concert on Tuesday, Oct. 7, 2019, in the auditorium at 7:00 p.m. The concert will also include an auction in order to raise funds for orchestra.

Yael Even, Managing Editor

The sounds of violins, harps, and cellos are going to fill the auditorium Monday as orchestra holds its first concert of the 2019-2020 school year starting at 7 p.m.

“It’s special because it’s the first concert this year,” sophomore Julie Johnson said. “It’ll be the first time that our group will play in front of people. I’m looking forward to seeing what the other orchestras have been working on because I haven’t heard anything from them yet.”

Many students may not think classical music is their thing, but Dutch DJ, Ferry Corsten, thinks it’s beat is very much alive.

“I firmly believe that if Mozart were alive today, he would be composing trance,” Corsten said in an interview with Observer from his recording studio in Rotterdam. “Classical music in its traditional sense may be losing a step with the public, but its DNA is very much alive in electronic music. I suspect the two genres will tend to grow closer and closer in the coming years as orchestras begin embracing new technology, as they seek new ways to connect with a new generation of audiences.”

Echoing the words of Corsten, senior Andrea Leyva-Montiel, believes the classical music played during Monday’s concert should be given a chance.

“Although classical music may not be what everyone listens to, there is always a beauty behind the pieces that are played,” Leyva-Montiel said. “The musicality always shines through our performances.”

Leyva-Montiel believes the audience is in for a treat.

“I am always very excited to give the audience a performance with a mix of older and more modern music,” Leyva-Montiel said. “Looking forward, UIL is coming up, and the symphony pieces we learn are always the most memorable for many of my friends and I.”

In addition to the concert, orchestra hopes to raise funds Monday night for future events.  

“There’s an auction tonight for our winter extravaganza,” junior Lauren Grissom said. “People can bid for the opportunity to conduct a song on stage with an orchestra group.”