Better late than never, band hosts its own dance


Sarah Boutouis

With The Little Elm Classic on Homecoming, September 28th, band members had to miss out on the annual event. Although members of the band didn't have a chance to go, the band is hosting its own Homecoming Saturday letting members to put down their instruments for one night.

Lucas Barr, Editor-In-Chief

More than 400 Redhawks spent their Homecoming night dancing and playing games, but none of those students were band members as they were competing in Little Elm.

Having missed out on the chance to have their own Homecoming experience, members of the band leadership team are planning a “homecoming” event of their own.

“It is important that we can still have fun together outside of band and maintain that familial connection,” drum major, senior Shelby Pybus said. “The goals for the event are for it to be affordable, a good replacement for homecoming, and a nice relaxing event as the marching season winds down.”

One band member already looking forward to celebrating with her peers in band amid daily practice, football games, and competitions is senior Zoe Dickson

“I think it’s a good thing because it gives band kids, especially the freshman who’ve never been, a chance to go to homecoming, even if it’s not with the whole school,” she said. “Since it’s my last year, it’s cool because senior year I have one last chance to go. What’s nice about band kids throwing this whole thing is that it’s very centered around what we would want to do or where to have it, so it can be a special experience.”

Despite being unable to attend Homecoming, creating music with the organization is something that’s still memorable for students like flautist, sophomore Jeamin Yun.

“It was a lot of fun,” Yun said. “It was a tiring day but I had enjoyed performing and spending time with my friends.”