Choir kicks off fall concert


Kia Dunlop

In the choirs first concert of the year, the students all sing together in the auditorium, to showcase their skills. Both of the different choirs got to perform, and show family and friends what they have worked on this year so far.

Maddie Aronson and Lucas Barr

Choir put on their first concert of the year on Tuesday, showcasing a range of singers and songs to give the audience a glimpse into their progress in the year so far, and establish a starting point for bigger competitions in the future.

“I thought it went really well especially for our first performance. It’s Ms. Ugolini’s second year and I think she’s doing amazing and I thought it went really great,” sophomore Jane Wester said. “I am looking forward to going out UIL as a varsity women’s choir for the first time since Ms. Ugolini got here. I really wanna do well at UIL.”

Members of the choir and audience alike enjoyed the wide range of selections performed that night, including junior Johnny Anderson.

“It was a lot of fun, it’s kind of good to get this going. It’s not a very high key event, it’s not very prestigious, but a few people come and have fun and listen to some good music,” Anderson said. “I’m just generally glad to be here, because I wasn’t in the choir last year, so I’m just looking forward to what’s coming up.”

Choir director Toni Ugolini feels confident in the students’ performance and hopes to extend the program’s skills throughout the year.

“I feel safe saying that was probably the best they’ve sounded, which is always nice as their teacher to have the best performance be at the concert and not in the classroom so that everybody gets to enjoy it,” Ugolini said. “I really liked the mixed choir’s performance of ‘If Music be the Food of Love’, because we had a violinist with us and it was just a neat collaboration piece. I hope we can take what they did, and just expand on that.”