Redhawks fall on last second field goal


Emily Vetvick

It was a close game between the Redhawks and the Little Elm Lobos on Thursday at Memorial Stadium. Following a tie, the Lobos broke it with a 48-yard field goal leaving the final score to be 27-24.

Catie Reeves, Sports Editor

In a neck and neck battle against the Lobos, the Redhawks held their ground as they fought for their first win of the year, but a 48-yard field goal as time ran out gave Little Elm the win 27-24.

“We were expecting a lot of next level players on their team,” sophomore Evan Stewart said. “It was some good competition and the crowd really hyped us up at the end. We were hoping to see a win as always but mainly we had fun and had a good game.”

Although the team is in the middle of a winless season (0-7), Memorial Stadium featured one of the biggest Redhawk crowds of the year.

“I think that the crowd really got us going,” senior Keavon Wright said. “It was good to see our friends cheer us on and help us through the game.”

Statistical leaders: Passing – Will Glatch 218 yards, Rushing – Jonathan Bone 84 yards, Receiving – Connor Hulstein 83 yards