AP Environmental students take a trip to the Wetlands


Provided by Lauren Head

Senior Natalie Brooks and Sydney Zornig, both AP Environmental students, visit the John Bunker Sands Wetlands in Seagoville on Tuesday. Students had the chance to learn about water use in the DFW area and ultimately how to conserve it.

Kasey Harvey, Editor-In-Chief

Looking to provide hands on learning, AP Enviromental Science students went to the John Bunker Sands Wetlands in Seagoville on Tuesday with Wednesday’s trip to the same location postponed due to weather..

With the wetlands cleaning and filtering water for the DFW area, the trip provided a connection between the textbook and real life.

For students, this offered a way to see process of cleaning and filtering drinking water in person.

“It was cool to see how water was brought through all the waste facilities in the wetlands and how it was brought to our homes because it’s like an eight or nine month process,” senior Tyler Shippy said. “It was really cool to see. It’s a whole different experience. You can talk about stuff in the classroom but it’s a whole different thing actually seeing it and learning it hands on.”

Despite A-day students ability to attend the field trip on Tuesday only experiencing light rain, Wednesday’s group of B-day students weren’t as lucky.

The storm system moving through the area Tuesday night and Wednesday morning caused AP Environmental Science teachers Jamie Berendt and Richard Sabatier to postpone the second day until Dec. 4.

Senior Taylor Bullitt was glad to stay out of the rain.

“I thought that it was a smart decision to postpone the trip given the weather,” Bullitt said via text. “I think that it would be hard to appreciate the trip if it was raining so I am glad that it was rescheduled. I do wish it was rescheduled to an earlier date than December so that it will not be as cold next time we go.”