Senior scholarships for all Frisco students


Yael Even

Representitives from the Frisco Education spoke to students during advisory Wednesday, to prepare them for upcoming deadlines for possible scholarship opportunities. The Foundation gives scholarships from anywhere between $500 to $22,000, for students who meet a variety of requirements.

Yael Even, Managing Editor

Seniors got a sneak peek at the upcoming Frisco Education Foundation scholarship application window during a presentation during Wednesday’s advisory.

“We have over 800 scholarships to give to the class of 2020,” Frisco Education Foundation Program Specialist Terri West said. “It’s not just for the Liberty High School, it’s for the other nine high schools as well. We have scholarships that are financial based, academic based, and merit based. We have scholarships for everyone.”

The application for the class of 2020 opens Dec. 2 at 10 a.m. with the deadline Dec. 20, the day before students leave for winter break.

“I plan on taking advantage because I think I have a pretty good opportunity to actually receive a scholarship,” senior Paige Swallow said. “If I get it, that’s just less money that I have to pay for college. If I don’t get it, at least I tried.”

Swallow believes any amount of money can help.

“My sister actually received two scholarships that totaled $1000,” Swallow said. “It’ll relieve stress about money and having to pay for college. Overall, my opportunity cost of applying is a lot less than if I don’t apply.”

The FEF scholarship application is available to each and every Frisco student.

“I really like how there’s no requirement to be qualified for this scholarship,” senior Jacob Lin said. “It opens up an opportunity for anybody to get a scholarship.”