Writing book reviews in exchange for service hours


Aden McClune

Librarian Chelsea Hamilton reads a book review at the circulation desk in the library. Students who write a book review can earn service hours if submitted through the library’s website and meets a 500 word minimum.

Yael Even, Managing Editor

Not only does the library offer books to read, but also service hours for writing book reviews.

“We allow students to write book reviews for service hours,” librarian Chelsea Hamilton said. “They have to read a book of their own choosing and enjoyment, something that they’ve read in the last two months. They have to go on the library website, and write a 500 word paragraph about what they’ve enjoyed, what they didn’t, if they recommend it, and just their general feelings about the book.”

As students get service hours, Hamilton learns what books students truly enjoy.

“I always wanted more involvement in book reviews,” Hamilton said. “I like learning what the students enjoy reading and have the ability for them to share that enjoyment and love for books with other people.”

Already earning some service hours, freshman Shruti Shah has already taken advantage of the opportunity.

“I found out about it through the school website,” Shah said. “I did the Book of Pun by Amy Carter which was a really good read. I think this is a really good opportunity to get service hours for reading books and a pretty easy way too.”

The incentive has already sparked interest in several students.

“I have more students coming in asking about service hours,” Hamilton said. “Other students have been looking at the blog saying like so and so liked this book so I think im going to read it and check it out.”

Other than getting service hours, sophomore Sai Anbuchezhiyan believes it can get other students to find new reads.

“One of my friends introduced it to be last year and I just got back into it this year because I read a few books over the summer,” Anbuchezhiyan said. “I looked over the poster she posted on google classroom and I just followed the instructions and sent them to her then she approved them. I think this is a fun way to get hours, fun as in if you like to read. And for the people who don’t like to read, they can read my reviews and hopefully gain some interest in reading.” 

Students interested in reaching the 100 service hours for a cord at graduation can write as many book reviews as they please.

“You can either email me a word document or a Google document and just share it with me.” Hamilton said. “I’ll put it on the blog and when that’s done I’ll let you know and you can send me your service hour request.” It is unlimited, one hour per book. However many books you get through is how many service hours you can get.”