College admissions 101 at Coffee with the Counselors


Roy Nitzan

Counselors are a resource for students to reach out and share what they are going through so that they may have that support system at school. Wingspan’s Ana Toro shares her thoughts about speaking up to a counselor.

Maddie Aronson, Managing Editor

With college admissions and financial aid deadlines approaching, the counselors are hosting college representative Beverly Wheeler Thursday in the library from 8:00-8:50 a.m., for a Coffee with the Counselors session titled College Admissions 101.

“Tomorrow Ms.Wheeler will come, she is a college representative,” counselor Abby Douglas said. “She is not coming to talk about specifically her school, but she is going to come and gives parents just kind of an overview of the college admissions process.”

Students and parents can RSVP here to attend the meeting.

“We’re hoping that they gain kind of a point fo reference when they start helping their child and guiding them though the college admissions process, they at least have some foundational knowledge,” Douglas said. “For a lot of our parents, either they didn’t got to college, or they didn’t go to college in this county, or it’s just been so long since they’ve been in college, the admissions process looks a lot different than it did.”