Cafeteria offers a taste of Thanksgiving


Michael Martin

Offered for the only time this year, junior Emma Gow waits in line for the cafeteria's annual holiday meal that features turkey, mashed potatoes, and pumpkin pie.

Trisha Dasgupta, Staff Reporter

Thanksgiving is still two weeks away, but the cafeteria got into spirit early with the annual holiday meal in the cafeteria Thursday.

“I definitely think its a fun tradition to have a Thanksgiving meal every year,” sophomore Guy Levi said. “I’d say the meal is a fun way to get into the spirit, but also with all of the decorations and stuff on the news, I’m already in the mood.”

For sophomore Gunner Engebretson, the meal is a nice tradition despite his personal distaste for the holiday.

“I personally don’t care all that much for Thanksgiving, but I’ve had [the meal] both years,” Engebretson said. “I guess I still kind of look forward to it every year.”

The meal, consisting of mashed potatoes, greens, and a mini pumpkin pie, is a much awaited tradition that gets many students in the Thanksgiving spirit.

“The meal definitely gets me in the Thanksgiving mood,” junior Micheal Yu said. “This is my first time trying the Thanksgiving meal, but I liked the pumpkin pie.”