Bowling for Buddies


provided by Amelia Jauregui

Members of Best Buddies gathered at Strikz last year for Bowling for Buddies. Sunday will mark the club's second annual Bowling for Buddies event.

Aaron Boehmer and Abby Wang

Best Buddies is taking over part of Strikz on Sunday from 1-3 p.m. for Bowling for Buddies, a chance to raise money for the club and hang out with friends. 

“We hosted a similar one last year and it was really successful so we are trying to make this a somewhat tradition,” chapter president Amelia Jauregui said. “Our goal is to get each member to pledge at least $50 to raise money for the whole Best Buddies program, and for our chapter. We need these fundraisers to host more events like this.”

Beyond a fundraiser, Jauregui hopes the event brings community to the club and its members. 

“It’ll be fun for members because it’ll be a time to just hang out and mingle with members of Best Buddies outside of the school environment,” Jauregui said. “We are fundraising for a good cause and this is a fun way to both fundraise and just have a good time.” 

Senior Suzanne Ramirez has seen firsthand the impact of Bowling for Buddies. 

“Best Buddies is such a great organization and has such a great purpose to help people who normally feel outcast or aren’t seen as much and [going to these events], you can really make friends and change someone’s life,” senior Suzanne Ramirez said. “My favorite part is all the events that we do every month. It is so much fun to see all the buddies and peer buddies and it is easy to be proud that [we] are apart of the organization.”