Classes submit presents for Adopt-an-Angel


Caroline Attmore

Juniors Franny Terreza and Emily Chladny help with last minute donations. Tuesday was the last day for angel donation during second period B-day classes.

Lucas Barr and Abby Wang

The campus wide Small World Adopt-an-Angel program, organized with the help of Pulse, comes to a close Tuesday as 2B classes spent advisory gathering gifts.  

“The adopted angel program through Small World directly benefits local Frisco ISD children whose families are in need during the holiday season,” Pulse sponsor Stacey Stokes said. “Every 2B class had the option to sign up to adopt an angel or not and 46 classes have chosen to do so which is really great.” 

The chance to build a sense of community with her class makes the program special for history teacher Emily Griffin.

“It creates a goal for the class and it lets us reflect on the fact that not everybody in Frisco is as lucky as we are and there are still people in need,” Griffin said. I think it’s really a great program, especially since it benefits kids in Frisco ISD so it creates a little bit more of a connection with who we get to help out. Mainly what our angel has asked for are a few extra things and toys. Students have brought gift cards, cute clothes, and some shoes, a little lego set.”

Junior Anica Liu appreciates the ability to make impact kids personally with the program.

I love being able to make others smile,” Liu said. “This is such a great way for students to give back to the community during the holidays and it is awesome to have the opportunity to collaborate with classmates towards a goal such as this.”