Getting real in the art room


Sarah Boutouis

Elly Kong works on the technique of drawing a realistic eye with pastel pencils. AP Drawing students will use these techniques to draw realism portraits.

Kanz Bitar, Staff Reporter

Drawing eyes, mouths, and noses, AP Drawing students are working on the technique and process of painting facial features with pastel pencils in prepartion for crafting realism portraits. 

“I’ve probably been teaching this for four or five years,” Fallon said. “There are several reasons for why I teach this, first thing is to learn how to create realistic facial features like eyes, nose and mouth and then also to learn how to use pastels to create realistic skin tones and different colors for different ethnicities.”

In order to prepare for their next assignment, junior Anjali Sutaria thinks this is a good exercise for it.

“I think it’s good practice in order to do our next assignment,” Sutaria said.” So it’s a good way to kinda start learning how to do realistic portraits.”

Junior Paige Edmisten is excited to do realism art because it’s something she never does.

“I’m really excited to do this exercise,” she said. “I don’t so a lot of realism portraits especially in color so it will be a nice opportunity for me to try something new and see if I’m good at it.”