Review: televisions latest addition, Disney+


Screenshot from Disney+

Launched on Nov. 12, 2019, Disney+ has provided viewers with countless amounts of award-winning classics, as well as live-action remakes. However, has this caused a creativity block with creating new films?

Aarya Oswal, Guest Contributor

Disney+, the long-awaited streaming service, released Nov. 12, hasn’t failed to satisfy with the content it offers.

Upon its arrival, Disney+ came with many shows and movies including most of the Disney Classics, many movies from the MCU movie catalog, most of the Disney Channel Originals and more. 

One of the Disney+ Originals which came with the streaming services launch is the Mandalorian, a Star Wars story about a group of people from the planet Mandalore. It takes place from the point of view of a Mandalorian, who is a bounty hunter. 

The show starts off action-packed and continues until the end of the episode. There isn’t a scene where you’ll feel like it’s boring, and if you’re a Star Wars fan, this show is definitely for you.

Another Disney+ Original which came upon the release of the entertainment giants new streaming service is “High School Musical: The Musical: The Series”. The show is about a new generation of high school students after the iconic hit movie “High School Musical”. 

A new drama teacher is hired, and a musical will be performed by these teens, but it’s a musical about the movie “High School Musical” because the movie was supposedly shot at the same school. It’s also a dramatic story about high school love stories. 

At first this show seemed like a drama filled love story between two exes, you know, the same old thing. And that’s what it was at first, but towards the end of the first episode, you’ll want to immediately start the second episode wanting to know what happens from the cliffhanger ending of episode one.

Among other shows from the Disney Channel catalog include hits like Good Luck Charlie, Girl Meets World, Jessie, Lizzie McGuire, Phineas and Ferb, and so much more.

Some other Disney+ Originals that will come out in the near future are Loki, a show about the anti-villain Loki from the Marvel universe, Thor: Love and Thunder, a show about the mythological Norse god, Thor who’s an Avenger, and many more.

Disney+’s subscription plan runs $6.99/month or $69.99/year, and for the content it offers, it’s definitely something you don’t want to miss out on.