ACT prep provided on campus


Roy Nitzan

The campus's library houses multiple of the more than 35 million copies of test prep books that The Princeton Review has sold. During the course, students work through the ACT Manual vol. 10.

Aaron Boehmer, Managing Editor

After renewing their partnership with Frisco ISD in August as the exclusive test prep provider for the district, The Princeton Review began hosting an ACT prep course on campus on Nov. 19 and resumed class on Tuesday, with the next one Thursday in the lecture hall from 6-9 p.m.

“Both tests contain information learned in school, however, the information on the tests is often presented in ways most students are not accustomed to,” Princeton Review HS Programs Operations Manager Breanna Teferra said. “Our courses are designed to teach students how to apply new strategies to what they’ve already learned in school, identify target areas of improvement and aid in obtaining score goals.”

With the exception of no classes during Thanksgiving Break, the course runs for a total of three weeks, and includes three practice tests taking place each Saturday at The Princeton Review in Plano at 9 a.m. 

“I was seeking a fundraising opportunity for the PTSA (Parent Teacher Student Association) and was informed that The Princeton Review has an exclusive partnership with FISD offering practice tests at a reduced cost,” PTSA President Wendy Abare said. “My conversation with The Princeton Review led to discovery of test prep sessions being offered at several FISD high schools, not for the PTSA fundraising but for test prep support for our students at a very reduced cost as compared to places like KD, and none being offered on the east side.”

Providing test prep for over 30 years, The Princeton Review offers students a money-back guarantee for official test scores that do not improve after taking the course.  

“Our test prep courses help students to apply prior subject knowledge with new strategies to maximize their score potential on the test,” Teferra said. “Our instructors are test experts who know the strategies that can help students save time, narrow down the answers, and obtain higher scores. All course schedules are designed to end just before an official test date. When all the strategies students have learned are still fresh in memory, students can take the official test with confidence and eliminate any need for last-minute cramming.”