Red Rhythm takes a step in bringing the team closer


Emily Vetvick

During the period, Red Rhythm freshmen Megan Lynn, Jane Li (right), Akanksha Mehta (left), all participated in several team building games to bring the team closer together. Although football season ended, the team is preparing for their winter competition season beginning in Febuary.

Hannah Beeler, Guest Contributor

Red Rhythm is diving deeper into team building Friday at their annual winter social at Group Dynamix.

“This year’s winter social is focusing on team building and strengthening the bond in each class and between vets/rookies,” Red Rhythm Director Nicole Nothe said. “The socials and directors believe the more time we invest into building relationships and trust, the more successful we will be during contest season.” 

This year’s team has 41 girls including managers which can make it hard to get to know everyone and is why the directors believe going to Group Dynamix, a place that focuses on team building, is a great opportunity.

“I think it will get some people out of their comfort zones,” Red Rhythm assistant director Sarah Cadungug said. “I think for some will get to work with other people on the team that they maybe haven’t been able to get to know very well yet. Getting to problem solve and play games and all that will be good for everybody because it’ll be something different than what we’re used to in practice.”

Strong team relationships is what helps make the team the best they can be according to Red Rhythm social officer Gabby Salazar.

“A strong team relationship is important for many reasons,” she said via text. “Having a strong bond can make practice more enjoyable and it improves the team’s ability to function as a unit. Red Rhythm is all about forming a sisterhood and out holiday party will allow us to strengthen our team’s bond.”