Orchestra fills rotunda with the sounds of the season


Spreading holiday cheer, the orchestra set up a small ensemble in the rotunda to play a few songs before school last Friday. They will return with more music on Friday 15 to continue the tunes of the season.

Hannah Beeler, Guest Contributer

Hoping to spread holiday cheer, a few members of the camerata orchestra are playing a variety of seasonal tunes in the rotunda Friday before school

“This experience allows them to really work together as a small ensemble without conductor so they are listening to each other watching each other,” assistant orchestra director Victoria Lien said. “It also it helps them come out of their shell a little bit more because it’s always scary performing for the public, but it gets better as you practice more.”

Friday’s performance is the second time this month the students have performed in the rotunda, and gives members of the camerata orchestra the chance to play in a more intimate setting.

“The main reason for doing this performance is to showcase music to school and entertain students as they walk in,” freshman cellist Louis Staton said. “We also don’t get many chances to perform in small chamber groups so this performance in front of the school allows us to showcase and improve our playing skills and musicality.”

Performing holiday pieces, the small ensemble hopes to lift the spirits of students in the last few weeks before break.

“I think it’s pretty cool that we will be able to get to listen to other people’s music,” freshman Gabby Stiles said. “It will be kind of like a welcome hug when you walk in. And will be really nice because of the friends I know doing it”.