Featured Athlete: Connor Leach

Grade: 12| Sport: Wrestling


Wingspan: How long have you been wrestling?

Leach: “I started wrestling freshman year but with complications and an injury it didn’t work out very well so really I started junior year.”

Wingspan: Do you have a special routine before a meet?

Leach: “We typically go through some stretches and warmups, we do a lot of movement just to get the blood flowing.”

Wingspan: Do you have a special diet or train a certain way?

Leach: “No, I don’t but some other guys do have to eat a certain way to make their weight class requirements.”

Wingspan: How do you feel before a meet?

Leach: “Typically I get a little nervous but once I’m out there I’m able to collect myself and get it together to calm down and do what I need to do to win.”

Wingspan: Do you think wrestling has impacted you as a person?

Leach: “Definitely has. It’s made me realize that a lot of other stuff isn’t as hard because of the training and all the stuff that we do and work on especially with Coach Bridgewell who pushes us to do our best.

Wingspan: Do you plan on wrestling in college?

Leach: “No, I don’t plan on it, but I do plan on doing MMA or something later on.”

Wingspan: Do you have any tips for aspiring wrestlers?

Leach: “Yeah, you really have to give it your all and not give up so quickly when you’re new because a lot of new guys don’t get a lot of wins at first and get scared that they’re not gonna get better and they quit.”