Students ring in their new semester classes


Caroline Attmore

The first semester of the school year comes to an end Friday, December 20th. Staff members come back a day early for Staff Development Day, and students begin the second semester January 7.

Ana Cuen, Guest Contributor

Most Redhawks leave for winter break knowing they will come back to the same schedule spring semester, however this is not the case for those taking AP single semester classes, and those that drop classes. 

Courses like AP Psychology only last one semester, raising challenges to those preparing for the AP test. 

“The fall students are impacted because they learned everything the year before,” AP psychology teacher, John Sommers said. “Then they forget it over the course of a few months and then have to relearn it again in April and May. So that is difficult. And the spring students get less time because they take the test in early May. They have basically four or less weeks to learn than the fall kids did.”

The learning experience will be different for fall and spring students.

“They both have advantages and disadvantages in that the fall they have more time but then they forget it,” Sommers said. “But then in the spring, it’s fresh on their brains. They just have less time.”

Sophomore Nicolly Moreno believes students taking AP classes in the fall believe they may face struggles once AP testing season comes. 

“I took AP Psychology because I was interested in the course and everything that we would learn,” Moreno said. “Having psych first semester will definitely impact my learning, especially since we’ve learned a lot of terms in one semester, and we’re gonna have to revisit them at the year. Definitely gonna be harder.”

Some fall class students do not believe they are at a disadvantage to spring semester, as they will simply have to come back to the material later on. 

“It’s probably a little more difficult, but I don’t think it will be that bad. We’ll just have to study a little harder in the spring,” sophomore Kelly Masucci said. “I’ll just have to study really hard. I’ll probably start studying earlier than the Spring kids would and go to all the study sessions.”