Featured Athlete: Jonathan Siv

Grade: 11 | Sport: Soccer


Dribbling the ball at a game against the Wakeland Wolverines, junior Jonathan Siv prepares to make a pass. Playing since he was a toddler, Siv still loves the team element of the sport.

Wingspan: How long have you been in soccer?

Siv: “I have been playing soccer for just over thirteen years now.

Wingspan: How do you treat the sport?

Siv: “I see soccer and most team sports as a way to connect with others, stay fit, and a fun pastime.”

Wingspan: Do you think you have benefited from playing on a team?

Siv: “Definitely. It’s good to build social skills, especially early on, and it always feels good to succeed with a team rather than just yourself.”

Wingspan: Do you go on a special diet, or have a special training regimen?

Siv: “Not at all. I usually warm up with the team and that’s it, although I do know some people who follow a special diet.”

Wingspan: Do you have any tips for people who want to try soccer?

Siv: “I would say watch pro soccer as much as you can just to get your knowledge of the sport as much as it can be, and not give up when it gets difficult.”