Eggsquisite excels at brunch

Caroline Caruso, Guest Contributor

Eggsquisite is a locally owned and operated cafe where customers can pick from a variety of breakfast and lunch entrees, ranging from benedicts to burgers. 

Walking in, almost every table was full, and there were around twenty people lined up against the inside of the waiting area, but it didn’t take long to be seated. The restaurant has a very minimalistic and clean design, featuring grey-toned tables, marble walls, and modern light fixtures, which stand out compared to most diners. 

The next thing that will catch customers’ attention is the friendliness of the staff, as employees are frequently smiling. They are also efficient and productive. Four entrees, including sides, were ordered, and all were out in less than 15 minutes. 

Among the hits was the Denver Omelette, made with ham, onion, Monterey Jack cheese and seasoned perfectly. The hash browns were not too soggy, and not too fried, but they could’ve had more flavor.  

The coffee, which does not live up to the reviews that rave about it online, ended up being weak and sour, and it was quickly put aside. 

“Chicken-fried steak” is also on their menu, and can be served as either a breakfast or a lunch item, depending on the customer’s preference. It had a lot of flavor, helping the entree to maintain a traditional taste, while still having a few different components to give it its uniqueness. It came with a side of mixed fruits like grapes, strawberries, and apple slices, which were freshly prepared. 

One of the misses on the menu was the Turkey Bacon Club featuring turkey, bacon, lettuce, tomato, and can be served with mayonnaise or mustard on toasted white bread. It was pretty bland and didn’t offer much flavor. Even though Eggsquisite is a brunch restaurant, it seemed to have a better breakfast menu.

The entree and sides ended up costing $10. The extra orange juice ordered, though, was more than half the cost of my lunch and ended up being $6. Definitely not worth the money, when a half-gallon is worth $3 at the store. The total ended up being around $50, which isn’t bad for a family of four. 

Places like I-HOP, Denny’s, and even Chick-fil-A may get the attention of most people when it comes to breakfast, but Eggsquisite Cafe is well worth the trip, one worth making over and over.