Securing her spot in All-State Choir


Michael Martin

Junior Megan Guidry listens to choir teacher Toni Ugolini give feedback. Guidry claimed the third chair in the All-State Mixed Choir at Saturday’s area auditions for the Texas All-State Choir.

Ananda Ghoshal, Staff Reporter

For the first time in school history, a Redhawk is on the Texas All-State Choir after junior Megan Guidry claimed the third chair in the All-State Mixed Choir at Saturday’s area auditions. 

“It feels really incredible to be the first person from Liberty to make the All State Choir, I really didn’t expect to make it and I’m just very thankful that I did,” Guidry said. “I was so nervous. I was honestly just hoping to get tenth chair because that’s the minimum-or lowest chair you can be in to be in the All State Choir. I was so shocked. When they call your name, they say the chair that corresponds with your name starting from ten. I wasn’t expecting anything! I was about to cry because I was thinking, ‘I’ve worked so hard but I’m not gonna make it!” and then they called for chair three and said my name and school. I was so relieved and started crying a little bit.”

15,000 singers began the audition process in September, with only 220 making the mixed choir. 

By working on her weaknesses and further improving her strengths, Guidry needed to make sure she did all that she could to stand out for the other participants auditioning. 

“I really had to work on sight reading, making sure I knew how to count the particular rhythms and making sure my music could stand out from the other people auditioning. I tried to stand out by using more dynamics, lots of musicality, making sure my diction was correct and making sure my tone was in the right placement,” Guidry said. “My voice teacher and Ms. Ugolini both helped me to basically make this happen. I came in whenever I could to to practice with Ms. Ugolini and I go to voice lessons every week.”