Dance 4 students become the teachers


Sarah Boutouis

Looking at their classmates, former sophomore Michelle Jaeger and junior Sathyashri Muruganandam hold the bars. After months of preparation, Dance 1 students recieved the highest rating at the DEAL competition.

Kanz Bitar, Staff Reporter

Wanting to give her students some experience in leading a dance class, Assistant Dance Director Sarah Cadungug is giving each of her dance 3 and 4 students the opportunity to lead their class in exercise starting Tuesday.

“The dance 3 and 4 students are each going to pick a day and are going to be spending 15-20 minutes leading the class in a full stretch with warm-up music,” Cadungug said. “ And they’ll end with a motivational quote or something just to get the class going since we’re starting to work on spring show. The point of this to help them to get up and learn how to teach, it’ll give them the opportunity to teach in front of class but also choreographing through a warm-up.”

Senior Andres Venegas who was the first student to lead was excited that he got the opportunity to teach since this is what he wants to do for his future.

“I liked that I was able to lead because in the future I want to pursue a dance education role,” Venegas said. “I thought it was fun and I liked it.”

But not everybody feels like they’re ready.

“I’m nervous about doing it later because we have to do it for about 15 minutes and I feel like I’m going to forget some stretches to do,” senior Hanna Turner said. “And we also have to choose five or six songs for our time teaching and I feel like the other students in my class won’t like my music because I like older music.”