Campus club lifts up girls worldwide


Caroline Attmore

Female students converse while working on projects for the organization at Tuesday’s Girl Up meeting.

Zaria Daley, Guest Contributor

Dedicated to helping girls all around the world, Girl Up hosted its monthly meeting Tuesday during advisory. 

“The reason I joined this club is because it has a purpose,” junior Mrunmai Ghalke said. “It’s serving the girls, other than the girls in America, who don’t have opportunities like us.” 

The club strives to help girls around the world reach their full potential through things such as education, leadership and health by hosting fundraisers, volunteering and much more throughout the year.  

“The reason I became so passionate about the topic is because I actually was born and brought up here but moved to India for middle school,”  junior Suhani Kunam said. “As I was there, I got to see first hand how many young girls had to work, like household labor, starting from the age 18 in order to provide for themselves because they didn’t have a proper education. And so I think the facts that Girl Up provides a platform through the United Nations to help girls get educated is truly amazing.”

Girl Up was founded by the United Nations Foundation in 2010, and continues to work across a global community of partners to achieve gender equality worldwide. 

“We are a group of young individuals dedicated to contributing to the Girl Up organization,” junior Thrisha Malireddy said. “We advocate for a world of educational equality”.